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itSeez3D Announces the Avatar SDK for Creating Photo Realistic 3D Avatars for Games, VR and AR with a Smartphone

Today we’re excited to announce itSeez3D Avatar SDK – an advanced smartphone-based 3D scanning technology that turns a single selfie photo into a photorealistic 3D avatar. Using just a camera of a smartphone with no additional hardware, itSeez3D Avatar SDK allows to create a high quality 3D model of a face ready for gaming, virtual and augmented reality experience – all in a couple of minutes.

Traditionally, creating a high quality 3D model of a face required expensive 3D scanning hardware, as well as hours of post-production to get a final and high-quality 3D rendering. Scanning for game avatars could take hours of work. Itseez3D has previously made 3D scanning much more affordable by releasing the itSeez3D app for iPad that creates realistic 3D models with Occipital’s Structure Sensor. Now, with the Avatar SDK, we are extending the line of products to support regular smartphones without depth sensors! A user just needs one selfie photo to create a digital model and play a favorite game or interact with friends in VR with a photorealistic avatar.

“Most of today’s 3D scanning software solutions use depth-sensing cameras to create a 3D model,” said Victor Erukhimov, CEO of Itseez3D. The itSeez3D Avatar SDK doesn’t need a depth sensor, it uses just a smartphone camera and only needs one photo to create a high quality 3D model of a face. Seeing your digital self that looks exactly like you is really fascinating and enables many applications, including social VR, games, fashion and retail. Having a personalized 3D avatar of yourself creates a next level of immersion and interaction between individuals in the digital environment.”

A demo of the avatar generation is available at The beta-version of the itSeez3D Avatar SDK will be available in Q1 2017. If you would like to participate, you can sign up for itSeez3D Avatar Beta SDK at

The new technology will be showcased for the first time at SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 in Macao, China on December 6-8, 2016. You are very welcome to visit itSeez3D booth #A9 to create your 3D avatar and see your digital self in a game!