Cloud SDK

Lightweight “Cloud SDK” scalable to unlimited number of users

Secure, fast and scalable underlying cloud API. Can be used on any platform.
  • Standard HTTP API with JSON response format and OAuth authentication pipeline
  • Detailed documentation and web-based samples available:
  • Suitable for websites and desktop/mobile applications. Way to go if there’s no native plugin for your favorite platform yet.

Native iOS/macOS framework with Swift interface.

  • All Avatar API functionality implemented with native iOS toolset, no 3rd party game engines required
  • OAuth, HTTP requests, unzip and 3D mesh reader written in Swift
  • Fast SceneKit viewer component that allows you to embed 3D avatars into any app
  • Documentation and samples provided
  • Works on any modern iOS version, from iOS11 to iOS15
  • Compatible with Apple ARKit
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Plug-n-play solution for Unity developers. Works on majority of platforms supported by Unity. Easy to use asynchronous C# interface for all cloud API functions.

  • Convenient C# classes wrapping all Web API functionality, including authentication, avatar generation and data transfer
  • Unzip and fast 3D mesh reader allow you to display 3D heads in a scene in a couple of function calls
  • Well documented samples showcasing all available functionality
  • Works on mobile platforms (iOS and Android), compatible with Apple ARKit
  • Ready for VR & AR use
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Avatar SDK UE Plugin contains a set of tools for convenient usage of Avatar SDK Web API in Unreal Engine applications. More details are available in our blog post.

  • Sample UE4 project that showcases basic avatar generation workflow (from selfie uploading to rendering 3D head in a scene)
  • All of the plugin’s functionality is available in Blueprints and C++
  • OAuth, HTTP requests, unzip, and 3D mesh reader implemented in C++
  • Currently supports Head and FitPerson pipelines
  • Works on Windows, macOS, and Android
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