Cloud SDK

Lightweight “Cloud SDK” scalable to unlimited number of users

  • Standard HTTP API with JSON response format and OAuth authentication pipeline
  • Detailed documentation and web-based samples available:
  • Suitable for websites and desktop/mobile applications. Way to go if there’s no native plugin for your favorite platform yet.
Secure, fast and scalable underlying cloud API. Can be used on any platform.
Native iOS framework with Swift and Objective-C interfaces. Please contact us to get early access.
  • All Avatar API functionality implemented with native iOS toolset, no 3rd party game engines required
  • OAuth, HTTP requests, unzip and 3D mesh reader written in Swift
  • Fast OpenGL 3D viewer component that allows you to embed 3D avatars into any app
  • Documentation and samples provided
  • Works on any modern iOS version, from iOS8 to iOS11
  • Compatible with ARKit
Plug-n-play solution for Unity developers. Works on majority of platforms supported by Unity. Easy to use asynchronous C# interface for all cloud API functions.
  • Convenient C# classes wrapping all Web API functionality, including authentication, avatar generation and data transfer
  • Unzip and fast 3D mesh reader allow you to display 3D heads in a scene in a couple of function calls
  • Well documented samples showcasing all available functionality
  • Works on mobile platforms (iOS and Android), compatible with Apple ARKit
  • Ready for VR & AR use
Pre-release C++ code sample for Unreal Engine 4. Please contact us to get early access.
  • Sample UE4 project that showcases basic avatar generation workflow (from selfie uploading to rendering 3D head in a scene)
  • OAuth, HTTP requests, unzip and 3D mesh reader implemented in C++
  • Tested on mobile platforms (iOS and Android)
Haven’t found your favorite platform? Please let us know what integrations and features you miss the most at
  • Compute avatars locally on a mobile device without sending an image to the cloud!
  • Cloud pricing applies
  • Internet connection is used only to send the number of avatars to the cloud
  • Available for iOS, Android, and Windows
Hardware requirements:
  • Windows 7,8 or 10 64-bit
  • iOS 10+
  • Android 5+
  • 1GB of RAM