Frequently Asked Questions

Offline SDK allows you to generate avatars directly on the target device without the access to the cloud

How can I test Avatar SDK API? Is there a trial or free subscription?
You can get a two weeks trial on the Pricing page.
Do you have any sample applications for Avatar SDK?
We recommend trying Avatar SDK with a desktop/laptop browser. If you want to try Avatar SDK on a mobile phone, you can use the applications for iOS and Android. Also you can look at RemoteFace, our virtual camera for video conferencing that shows your avatar driven by camera and lipsync instead of the usual video feed.
Do you have full-body avatars?
Avatar SDK contains a solution to generate rigged full-body avatars from images. You can find more details in our blog. This functionality is currently available in the Web API and the Avatar SDK Unity Cloud plugin, you can refer to the curl sample on how to reconstruct a full-body model in the FBX format or to this Unity sample scene.

Moreover, we provide an "Avatar SDK for UMA" extension for the Avatar SDK Unity Cloud plugin. This extension allows for generating avatars compatible with the Unity Multipurpose Avatars (UMA 2) plugin. You can find more details here.

All these options are available on the Pro subscription plan or higher.
How can I attach your 3D head to the body?
The Avatar SDK Unity Cloud plugin contains a full-body sample. Please note that it's just an example of how this can be done in the real app, and the low-resolution character provided is just a placeholder, you should replace it with your body models. This method works for any humanoid rig, but of course, you will have the seam between the neck and the rest of the body, which should be covered with some kind of collar.

If you need more advanced functionality (like the seamless attachment of avatars to your body models with texture blending), please contact us at
Is the number of avatars I can compute limited?
There are monthly quotas included in your subscription. Our billing system will charge you extra for the avatars created above the quota. You can check the details for a specific subscription plan on the Pricing page or in your Profile after registration.
Does Avatar SDK work on mobile platforms?
Cloud SDK is really lightweight and works on all devices, even in WebGL. Local Compute avatar generation currently works on Windows, Ubuntu, Android, and iOS.
How many triangles (faces) do the avatar models have?
By default, SDK generates the avatar in maximum possible resolution. Almost all our pipelines also support several levels of detail. You can find more information here.
Why is my app assembly so big?
Local Compute version executes deep learning models directly on the client device, and they are quite heavy. Cloud SDK is lightweight, so we recommend using it if you want to build a small-sized application.
Do you provide lipsync functionality from webcam/audio/text?
Our avatars are compatible with 3rd party tools for lipsync, you can find more details here.