Frequently Asked Questions

Offline SDK allows you to generate avatars directly on the target device without the access to the cloud

How can I attach your 3D head to the body?
So far Avatar SDK does not generate full body models. However, the Unity Avatar SDK plugin contains a full body sample for both Cloud and Offline SDK. You can find it in `itseez3d/avatar_sdk/samples_*` Please note that it's just an example of how this can be done in the real app, and the lowres character provided is just a placeholder, you should replace it with your own body models. This method works for any humanoid rig, but of course, you will have the seam between the neck and the rest of the body, which should be covered with some kind of collar. If you have questions about this feature or you need more advanced functionality (like the seamless attachment to your bodies with texture blending), please contact us at For now, you're encouraged to take apart this sample to see how it works. The video tutorial on humanoid rig attachment is coming.
Why my models have a watermark on the forehead?
This is a feature of the Free Cloud SDK. Please update to the paid plan to get rid of it.
Is avatar generation limited?
For "Cloud" version please check the pricing on our website. The "Offline" version is unlimited, you can generate as many avatars as you wish.
Is there a trial/free mode for Offline SDK?
The Offline SDK is identical to the Cloud SDK in functionality, the only difference is export options (Offline SDK supports .obj and .fbx in addition to prefab generation). So to try the SDK for free please just download the free version of Cloud SDK from the website. Please contact us if you want to get the full version of the Offline SDK.
Does it work on mobile platforms?
"Cloud" version is really lightweight and works on all devices, even in WebGL. "Offline" avatar generation currently works on Windows, Android, iOS and MacOSX. The minimal requirement is 2Gb+ of RAM.
Does it work at runtime?
Yes, the plugin works at runtime. Any player of your game can generate his own avatar and use it in the virtual environment.
How many triangles (faces) do the avatar models have?
4 LODs supported ranging from 4K to 24K triangles per avatar.
Can I display avatars of the different user in my app?
Yes, if you're using the Cloud plugin you can query any generated avatar if you know the avatar code. Take a look at the samples and the functions in Connection.cs.
Why my app assembly is big?
Offline version executes deep learning models directly on the client device, and they are quite heavy. The installation size will be reduced in the next versions. Cloud version should be very lightweight. But if you possess an Offline SDK and build the Cloud sample, you're going to bring all the Offline resources to this build too. If you want to build a small Cloud SDK app you should either use pure Cloud SDK (download it from our website) or delete the sdk_offline/resources folder from your project.
Do you provide lipsync functionality from webcam/audio/text?
We're working on this functionality but it's not available in the current version. Our avatars are compatible with 3rd party tools for lip animation.