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Realistic avatars
for games, VR and AR

Allow your users to create their digital 3D avatars from a single selfie photo. Let them be a part of the experience, like never before!

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Works with one selfie

Automatic generation of a color 3D face model from a single selfie photo. Works with any frontal photo of a face.

Unique 3d model

Shape and texture of the head are unique for each person, synthesized with a deep learning algorithm.

Cloud computing

3D reconstruction pipeline in the cloud with an easy to use Web API, scalable to whatever throughput required.

Custom hairstyles

While we are working on improving hair model synthesis, Avatar SDK has a predefined set of hairstyles which you can also use in your application.


Easy-to-use SDKs and code samples for popular game engines (Unity 5 & Unreal Engine 4).

More to come

API is in active development with many new features on a roadmap, including support for stylization and full-body avatars.




Secure, fast and scalable underlying cloud API. Can be used on any platform.

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  • Standard HTTP API with JSON response format and OAuth authentication pipeline
  • Detailed documentation and web-based samples available: https://api.avatarsdk.com
  • Suitable for websites and desktop/mobile applications. Way to go if there’s no native plugin for your favourite platform yet
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Plug-n-play solution for Unity developers. Works on majority of platforms supported by Unity. Easy to use asynchronous C# interface for all cloud API functions.

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  • Convenient C# classes wrapping all Web API functionality, including authentication, avatar generation and data transfer
  • Unzip and fast 3D mesh reader allow you to display 3D heads in a scene in a couple of function calls
  • Well documented samples showcasing all available functionality
  • Works on mobile platforms (iOS and Android), compatible with Apple ARKit
  • Ready for VR & AR use

Unreal Engine

Pre-release C++ code sample for Unreal Engine 4. Please contact us to get early access.

More info
  • Sample UE4 project that showcases basic avatar generation workflow (from selfie uploading to rendering 3D head in a scene)
  • OAuth, HTTP requests, unzip and 3D mesh reader implemented in C++
  • Tested on mobile platforms (iOS and Android)
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Native iOS framework with Swift and Objective-C interfaces. Please contact us to get early access.

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  • All Avatar API functionality implemented with native iOS toolset, no 3rd party game engines required
  • OAuth, HTTP requests, unzip and 3D mesh reader written in Swift
  • Fast OpenGL 3D viewer component that allows you to embed 3D avatars into any app
  • Documentation and samples provided
  • Works on any modern iOS version, from iOS8 to iOS11
  • Compatible with ARKit

More platforms and features

Haven’t found your favourite platform? Please let us know what integrations and features you miss the most.

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Demo Apps

Download our demo apps to preview the quality of avatars
that you can create with Avatar SDK.


50 avatars per month
No extra avatars
Avatars with watermark
* for testing and evaluation
1 000 avatars per month
+ $0,05 per extra avatar
6 000 avatars per month
+ $0,04 per extra avatar
25 000 avatars per month
+ $0,03 per extra avatar
Note: If you plan to provide avatar creation feature on a fee-basis (e.g. via DLC or in-app purchases) in your application, there will be a revenue sharing from all the sold assets that are created with the Avatar API. Please contact us for more information.

Offline SDK for Unity

Offline SDK for Unity

We also ship the offline version of the SDK for Unity that can generate avatars directly on the client machine. Please contact us to get access to the offline Unity plugin.

More info
  • Currently, offline avatar generation is supported in Windows version of Unity plugin.
  • More platforms will be available shortly (Unity for MacOSX, iOS and Android).
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If you have any questions about the Avatar SDK,
please feel free to contact us.

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