About us

We are the team of AI and computer graphics enthusiasts on a mission to enable anyone to look and feel as themselves in a virtual world. We have created Avatar SDK that turns selfies into realistic avatars. We were founded by the developers of the OpenCV library, and we train a lot of deep neural networks that create your 3D avatar for a metaverse, a game or any other 3D experience. Our first product was a 3D scanner that is used for medical, fitness and entertainment applications.

Our team

Victor Erukhimov<br/>(Chief Executive Officer)

Victor Erukhimov

(Chief Executive Officer)

CEO of Itseez3D, the company that creates avatars for the metaverse and AR\VR communication. He is a businessman with an engineering background. Prior to Itseez3D Victor co-founded Itseez that developed real-time computer vision solutions for embedded platforms, specifically Level 2 automotive safety systems, and was acquired by Intel in 2016.
Ilya Lysenkov<br/>(Chief Technical Officer)

Ilya Lysenkov

(Chief Technical Officer)

Itseez3D CTO with 10 years of expertise in computer vision, responsible for the Avatar SDK tech that creates recognizable avatars from selfies. Prior to Itseez3D, he was a research engineer at Itseez, working on computer vision projects for Willow Garage. He developed OpenCV and focused on research in robotic perception.
Alexander Shishkov<br/>(VP Software R&D)

Alexander Shishkov

(VP Software R&D)

He has been working in the field of computer vision for the last 12 years. Prior to Itseez3D, he worked at Itseez on computer vision R&D. He was a member of the core OpenCV development team and co-authored the books "Instant OpenCV for iOS" and "Parallel programming tools in systems with shared memory".
Gary Bradski<br/>(advisor)

Gary Bradski


Andrew Filev<br/>(advisor)

Andrew Filev


Jeremy Bailenson<br/>(advisor)

Jeremy Bailenson