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Avatar SDK update: skin recoloring, Unity and UE updates and more!

Hello Avatar SDK users! We hope you got 2022 off to a great start! We thought it is a good time to tell you about a few goodies that we have recently released.

Avatar SDK Unity cloud plugin

We have released a new version (3.0.1) of the Avatar SDK Cloud plugin. In addition to the previous avatars pipelines, this version works with MetaPerson avatars that are perfect for building a metaverse. Also, we have added support for URP rendering. Now the plugin can be easily integrated into a URP project, and the avatars will look just the same, as without URP.

The rendering in the sample scenes has been improved. We have changed the camera’s settings and the lighting settings to make a model look more realistic and resembling a person from an input image.

In addition, skin recoloring has been added. It is possible to adjust the color of the skin for Head2.0 head/mobile avatars. We also added this feature to the web demo, so you can easily try this feature on your photos just in browser.

Moreover, we made it easier to export generated models from the plugin. You can export any avatar model from any scene in just two mouse clicks. 

Avatar SDK UE cloud plugin

We have released 2.1.0 version for UE plugin, where we added the newest MetaPerson avatars. Moreover, in this version we added a more convenient way to initialize connection with Avatar SDK Cloud in UE Editor ‘Plugins’ settings, so now you don’t need to set up these parameters for each scene.

Also, we released an asynchronous Blueprint for obtaining information about all generated avatars.

Other goodies

Stay tuned for many more exciting updates coming your way in the next few months! We are looking forward to the awesome 2022!