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Avatar SDK update: QR codes, GLB/GLTF exports and more!

Hello Avatar SDK users! We hope you got 2021 off to a great start! We thought it is a good time to tell you about a few goodies that we have recently released.

Taking a photo to create your avatar has never been easier!

If you have a desktop product that uses avatars, your users will have a hard time transferring  photos from a mobile phone to a desktop, unless you implement an accompanying mobile app. No more! You might have seen the solution we introduced earlier in RemoteFace. It displays a QR code that a user scans with a smartphone. A secure web page powered by Avatar SDK loads on a smartphone, guides a user through taking a selfie and then transfers the image over an encrypted connection to Avatar SDK cloud for avatar creation. Now this functionality is available to all Avatar SDK customers! Check it out in our online demo and refer to the Selfies section of the documentation for details on how to add this feature to your product.

Unreal Engine plugin supports iOS

We have released the UE plugin update that now supports iOS, in addition to Windows, Mac and Android.

GLB and GLTF export

We have added the option to export Head 1.2, Head 2.0 and full body models in the GLB format. Also it is possible now to export Head 1.2 and Head 2.0 in the GLTF format. Please refer to the documentation of the export API for details.  

Number of computed avatars

A long requested feature by many of our users that allows to get the number of computed avatars for the current billing period through the REST API has been released! Please refer to the Avatars count section of the documentation to use this function.