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Avatar SDK has been upgraded with incredibly sharp Head avatars!

Avatar SDK team has made another step towards creating photorealistic avatars from a single selfie! Today we are announcing a new release of Avatar SDK that includes Head avatars 1.1 with impressively sharp shape and texture details! Here are all the details of the release:

Head Avatars 1.1

Head Avatar 1.1 compared to 1.0:

  • Higher resolution face, bust, and hair texture
  • More detailed geometry
  • Improved face detection

You can try Head 1.1 avatars on your images in our    web demo   .

New level of detail option for Head avatars!

We had a lot of requests to generate Head avatars with different resolution. Now Head avatars support the LOD option that has 7 levels, varying from 42,000 polygons (LOD=0) down to just 5,000 (LOD=7).

New products are in beta testing!

We are constantly updating our line of products as a response to a lot of customer requests. Answering to the most popular inquiries, we are starting to test the following solutions:

  • Native iOS and Android Offline Avatar SDK: we can now generate Face avatars locally on iOS and Android devices natively, with no dependency on a 3rd party 3D engine! Both SDKs require 1GB of RAM and are available for beta testing upon request!
  • Avatar SDK standalone server: in case you want to generate avatars in your own cloud, we have the solution! It is an executable file for Windows/Linux that takes an image as an input and returns an obj or an fbx file as an output. It does not require OpenGL and can be executed remotely in cloud environment.

If you are interested in beta testing these products, please write to!