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AvatarSDK Unity plugin v. 1.4.0 released!

We are glad to announce the release of the AvatarSDK Unity plugin v. 1.4.0. We continue to improve the tool’s performance and versatility and here’s a brief changelog for this new version:

  • Added API to generate avatars with multiple levels of detalization. On the screenshots above the four available LODs are demonstrated, with 24K, 11K, 6K and 4K triangles respectively.The LOD functionality is compatible with other features of the SDK (such as blendshapes) and can be used on mobile and VR platforms to boost performance.
  • Introduced new compact and easy-to-use high-level API for both Cloud and Offline SDK called AvatarProvider. Adding an avatar to your scene is now just several lines of code. New classes will allow you to switch between Cloud and Offline SDK transparently. The old “high-level” interface of CloudTools and OfflineTools is now somewhat redundant and will be deprecated in future versions.
  • Samples are now able use the default camera app and internal storage on mobile devices (iOS, Android) to obtain photos for avatar creation, thus saving your integration time.
  • Updated avatar generation algorithm, which now produces more accurate geometry with wider range of cameras.
  • The updated plugin is available on your account page at (if it still shows the older version, please make sure to refresh your browser cache)

    We’re eager to receive your feedback! Please let us know if you have any suggestions, questions, or want to request new features. We are always available at

    Best regards,
    itSeez3D team