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Avatar SDK turns people into avatars

April 8, 2021

Today we unveil a new technology that creates a full body avatar from a single selfie. Starting with a classic “head-and-shoulders” image, deep learning is used to produce an instantly recognizable animated model. The model can be immersed into any 3D experience, including social AR/VR, games, virtual clothing and mobile apps.

“Avatar SDK has thousands of businesses that generate millions of avatars using our technology”, said Victor Erukhimov, CEO of Itseez3D. “Many of them asked us to create recognizable full-body avatars, and we are happy to empower them with our solution. Zoom fatigue has taken its toll on all of us during the pandemic and recognizable avatars offer relief from appearing on camera, be that via solutions like RemoteFace that create personal privacy within an online meeting, or via an AR/VR meeting that provides an escape from the video conferencing grid prison. Beyond communication, full body avatars are used in fashion and retail for virtual clothes try-on and fitting solutions, in gaming, and in mobile apps.”

The Avatar SDK full body avatar is based on the widely used SMPL human body model. We trained a deep learning network to predict body shape from a selfie using tens of thousands of body scans. The output from the deep learning network is a 3D model that resembles the user’s body shape, allowing the instant creation of full-body avatars. The user can optionally specify a gender as well as measurements for weight, height, chest, waist and hips to further tune the final model. 

The final model includes a detailed skeleton for animation, while the head and face is an Avatar SDK Head 2.0 model that comes with blendshapes for both facial mocap and audio lip-sync. 

Each full body avatar comes with a choice of 6 outfits. Once an avatar is created, these outfits are adjusted to fit the specific body shape. The business, business casual and casual outfit styles are appropriate for any environment. We are working to expand the wardrobe for avatars, and invite individual artists and companies to collaborate with them. 

To learn more about the full body avatar solution join the upcoming Avatar SDK webinar at

Start generating full body avatars!